Chassis Liner & Lifts

Wheel-less|10-Ton Pulling Power|
360° Pulling
|3 Pulls Per Tower|
Choose the bed length that best suits
your shop – 18, 20 or 22 ft.

Powder Coated Finish
Swivel design provides versatility of pulling from multiple angles and corners Exclusive! Multiple pulling capabilities up to 3 pulls per tower! Power Team (OTC) air/hydraulic pumps with gauge Exclusive! 1/2" laser-cut top plate plus totally enclosed treadways for additional strength New! Beds are plumbed for air to eliminate the need for all those air hoses!
Anchoring comes standard with adjustable, plated Measure Rite™ Tie-Downs for unibody Heavy-Duty 15- ton lift includes 3rd pump for the lift Chain slots and tie-downs along the outside of the 27" treadways as well as the center, allow for multiple quick anchoring and tie-down options. New bolt-on system allows you to upgrade frame racks as your business grows.  
TNR 18, #832030 6,300 lbs. (2858 kg)
TNR 20, #832075 6,900 lbs. (3130 kg)
TNR 22, #832120 7,600 lbs. (3447 kg)
TNR 18 18' (5.5m)
with towers extended 22' 8" (6.9m)
TNR 20 20" (6.12m)
with towers extended 24' 8" (7.55m)
TNR 22 22" (6.73m)
with towers extended 26' 8" (8.16m)
TRN 18, TRN 20, TRN 22 86" (2.19m)
with towers extended 142" (3.62m)
TRN 18, TRN 20, TRN 22 7' 3" (2.22m)
with towers extended 142" (3.62m)
Treadway Width 27" (.69m)
Working Height 27" (.69m) – FLOOR TO TOP OF BED
Hydraulic Power 10 Tons Per Tower
Lifting Capacity 15-Ton Ram on Lift
Hydraulics Air–100PSI
Chassis Liner & Lifts

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