Chassis Liner & Lifts
#311640 (54 lbs.)
#311320 - Multi Angle Clamp (MAC) (8 lbs.): Allows pulling from any direction within 180° arc and the side-pull plate makes two-way pulling fast and easy. Gator teeth provide a 3 3/4" x 3/4" (95 mm x 19 mm) gripping surface for pulling on narrow seams and pinch welds. 4-ton (3629 kg) capacity.
#311085 - Box Clamp (10 lbs.): Reaches around metal to get to hard-to-reach surfaces. Great for pulling on box rails with welded on bumper fl anges. Gator tooth design provides 2" x 2" (51 mm x 51mm) gripping surface.
#311420 - G Clamp (6 lbs.): 4" (102) mm throat opening to get over, around and behind damage. Movable shackle allows multiple pull angles. Swivel pad included. 5-ton (4536 kg) capacity.
#311150 (3 lb.) Panel Puller (3 lbs.): For use on fender openings, deck lids, door posts and other openings. Can be used with slide hammer or pulling post. 3-ton (2722 kg) capacity.
#311475 Regular Deep Hook Set (19 lbs.): Fast hook-ups on cowls, door posts and trunk openings, or to reach into cramped places. 6" (152 mm) depth and 12" (305 mm) reach. Includes small (2" x 2") (51 mm x 76 mm) bracket and large (2" x 9") (51 mm x 229 mm) bracket. 5-ton (4536 kg) capacity.
#311641 Board with Hooks (5 lbs.)
Chassis Liner & Lifts

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